College of Tourism Management aims to become the leading institution of higher education in tourism and hospitality management through rigor in research and excellence in education.
The College of Tourism Management at Antalya Bilim University is a premier institution in leading the industry through research and innovation.

College of Tourism Management is one of the ten programs in the country where the medium of instruction is English. The College is located in the heartland of Turkish Riviera, Antalya that received the second largest number of tourists in 2013. According to the latest TURFOED Tourism Report, Antalya and its environs have over 233 5-star, 43 number of resorts, 202 4-star, and 152 3-star hotels registered as of 2013. In addition, there are many B&B and motels. There are over 700 hotels, resorts, and other lodging venues in the region.

The College of Tourism is a fast growing and thriving beacon of Turkey and the region with its growing number is student population and faculty. At present, there are 24 international and 58 Turkish students, for a total of 82 full time students. Students attend to the English as a Second Language program during their first year. For the remaining four years, they study Tourism Management. The curriculum is designed to provide students with both theoretical content and practical applications so they are thoroughly prepared with knowledge base and skills set necessary to become professionals, managers, and leaders in the field. To achieve this, the College runs its own on-site hotel where students are provided with the opportunity to work and practice what they learn in the classroom.

The College is also well-connected through a number of hotel chains located both locally and in the region which provides internship opportunities for the students and research venues for the faculty. One of the goals of the College is to achieve 100% employment prior or upon graduation. At present, the College is in the process of implementing a leader-track program where academically successful students will be selected to participate in this Star-Leader program. The College of Tourism is academically growing to achieve its goal of becoming the premier leading institution for excellence in research and education both in Turkey and the region. For more information, please visit our web site:

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