What is Tourism?

People travel for a variety of reasons besides having fun and spending leisurely time including, changing the routine habitat, see different places and learn. All these activities constitute the concept of tourism.

Who is a Tourist?

A tourist is someone who is a temporary visitor. To be considered as tourist one needs to stay in a given destination for at least a period of 24 hours with the intention for entertainment, health, or sports.


Typical Characteristics of Professionals Working in the Tourism Sector

Without people we cannot talk about organizations. The role of people is even more crucial for the service industry both in terms of employees and customers. There is a constant relationship and on-going interaction between them.

Personal touch is crucial for success in the service industry, particularly when people vacation. Thus, one should not consider tourism sector as a transaction between a customer and the company. It goes beyond this where companies in the tourism sector transform this process into fun, relaxation, joy, enjoyment, and happiness. As a result, the tourism industry is rather different from that of others in regards to its operational structures and product outcomes.

The College of Tourism and Hotel Management at ABU aims to train students into taking responsibilities to become professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector. To do so, the educational experience at ABU designed to provide them with skills and knowledge base as well as on the job training and experiences.  General characteristics of professionals in this sector include:

Being affectionate towards people and aiming to serve them

Possessing good skills for interpersonal communication

Being sensitive to different cultures

Being capable of learning other languages

Being interested in history, geography and popular culture

Being open to adventure and  exploration of new places and cultures

Being capable of working  in a dynamic environment

In essence, being loving and  dedicated to the profession